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How to use this resource

The purpose of this resource is to offer information about the copyright implications of using “rich media” digital materials (pictures, music, video, articles) in online and blended courses.

  1. In particular, the U.S. Copyright Act, Fair Use and the TEACH Act provide valuable starting points for the use of rich media material in the instructional setting:
    • If you want to use copyrighted rich media material in the classroom, you may do so pursuant to § 110 of the U.S. Copyright Act.
    • If you want to use copyrighted rich media material online for blended and fully online teaching, choose the TEACH Act tab.
    • If you are unsure whether § 110 or the TEACH Act permits your proposed use, you may use the Fair Use tab to determine whether the use is nonetheless permissible.
  2. More general copyright resources are also available:
    • If you want to review current UWM copyright policies for materials held by the UWM library, choose the UWM Copyright Policies tab.
    • If you are uncertain whether the materials you want to use fall into the public domain, or wish to seek permission from a copyright holder to use copyrighted materials, choose the UWM Copyright Policies tab.
  3. This resource is not a substitute for legal advice. If you want specific advice about a copyright matter, you may contact the UWM Office of Legal Affairs. You may also seek copyright advice by sending an email to