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D2L Tip: When I send e-mail from D2L, why does it only include my e-mail address in caps in the "from:" line rather than my full name and e-mail address?

This is a D2L setting. From My Home on D2L under Utilities (lower left), "click here to set your D2L screen display and other preferences" and click on the Email tab.
In the 'Reply to' area enter your name in quotation marks and your e-mail address in carrots. For example, "Jane Smith" <jsmith@uwm.edu> . Then, click Save.

Desire2Learn (D2L)

The LTC staff provides consulting, training, and support for Desire2Learn (D2L), the course management system used by all UW campuses, for UWM faculty and teaching staff. Desire2Learn makes it easy for instructors to develop course Web sites for web-enhanced, hybrid and totally online courses. D2L lets the instructor put course content online, create online quizzes, develop on-line discussion groups, develop Web links, and maintain course grades online. Stop by the LTC to learn more about incorporating D2L into your courses or to see examples of D2L web course sites developed by your colleagues. Another first step to learning D2L is to register for one of the LTC's free workshops.

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Online Help Files

D2L 10.0 Vendor Documentation

D2L 10.0 Introductory Video

Course sites are automatically generated, and if you are the instructor of record, you should be able to see the course site when you log into Desire2Learn (D2L).

If you cannot see your course site(s), please make sure that you follow the directions indicated under "How to find your D2L courses!"


If you are still unable to find your course site(s) or have a special request, please visit our D2L Request Form .