UWM D2L Course Cleanup - Spring 2013

The D2L Course Cleanup is a University of Wisconsin System (UWS) system-wide initiative.

All UWM D2L course sites from semesters prior to Fall 2009 are scheduled to be deleted early this summer. There will be no backup and no way to restore these files. 

Instructors who need to save information from the course sites scheduled for deletion must do so prior to June 11, 2013.

Information and Help

Detailed information and instructions are available on the D2L Course Cleanup Blog at d2lcleanup.blogspot.com.The UWM Learning Technology Center (LTC@uwm.edu) is also prepared to answer questions and provide assistance, as needed. 

Special Circumstances

Instructors with unusual circumstances must contact the UWM Learning Technology Center (LTC) at LTC@uwm.edu prior to June 11, 2013 so that appropriate action can be taken before the course sites are deleted. If the instructor does nothing, the old D2L course sites will be deleted on schedule.


Students may download and retain copies of any and all of their coursework and/or instructor feedback to a location where they will have long-term access, e.g., their own computer or their portable hard drive. For help, students should contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or use the online form at GetTechHelp.uwm.edu.  See “What about students?”  on the D2L Cleanup blog for more detailed information. 

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Sharon McCarragher, senior UWM D2L site administrator at SHRNMC@uwm.edu.