Desire2Learn (D2L) Tutorials

Getting Started








Getting Started

Find your UWM D2L course sites

Getting started with a new D2L site

Copy course content from an older D2L site

Make your D2L course site visible to students

Add a participant to your D2L course site

Send D2L email

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Create a News Item 

Edit, Dismiss, Restore a News Item

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Upload files

Add Quicklink

Hide content

Edit content

Rearrange content

Student view of content

Link to eReserve 

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Create Discussions

Post/Reply to Discussions

Sort Discussion postings

Search Discussions

Print Discussions

Delete Discussion posting

Undelete Discussion posting

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Create Dropbox

Download Dropbox files

Leave Dropbox feedback 

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Create basic D2L quiz

Set quiz time restrictions

Set quiz attempt restrictions

Create multiple-choice question

Create true-false question

Create fill-in-the-blanks question

Create long-answer question

Preview your D2L quiz

Set quiz availability

Set special access restrictions

Grade your D2L quiz

Show quiz results 

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Choose gradebook settings

Create a weighted gradebook

Create a points-based gradebook

Record grades

Student view of gradebook

Export grades to Excel 

Export grades to PAWS 

Troubleshooting eGrading 

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Some basic administrative tasks to remember

Finding your D2L course sites

Activating your course sites

Copying course materials from one site to another

Adding co-instructors and TAs (students are added automatically)

Adding content to your D2L course site

The first step in producing course content: Creating a module

The second step in producing course content: Upload a new file to add a topic to your module

Another way to produce course content: Create a Quicklink to add a topic to your module

Once you've created modules and topics: Hiding or releasing course content

Once you've created modules and topics: Other options for managing course content

Creating simple online discussion forums in D2L

Setting up discussion forums and topics

Modifying forum and topic names, descriptions, and availability

Creating a D2L dropbox for students to upload their assignments

Setting up a dropbox

Changing dropbox settings, downloading dropbox files and providing student feedback


Making announcements and sending email to your class using D2L

Putting an announcement on your D2L site

Using the D2L email tool

Sending email from the D2L Classlist

Setting up your gradebook in D2L

Creating gradebook categories

Creating gradebook items

Acknowledgements: Jeri Weiser of UW-Eau Claire produced a significant proportion of these materials, as indicated in the individual items. Permission to use them is gratefully acknowledged. Copyright © 1995-2009 UW-Eau Claire and the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System