Enhancing Classroom Instruction One Click At A Time

Principles and Guidelines

As faculty developers build a program to guide faculty through the course design process and prepare faculty for the teaching transitions they will encounter, the developers must realize that structure, format, and types of activities are as important as the topics covered. We recommend faculty developers incorporate the following underlying principles into their efforts to prepare faculty for hybrid teaching:

  • Start the faculty development program at least six months prior to the time instructors will be teaching their first hybrid courses because of the significant time required to redesign hybrid courses.
  • Use the hybrid format to teach the faculty development program so that faculty directly experience the advantages and challenges of the hybrid course model.
  • Include extensive opportunities for participants to interact with experienced hybrid instructors so that participants can see that hybrid courses work and the benefits are real.
  • Ensure that participants leave with concrete results, e.g., a draft syllabus, one or more learning modules, and a plan for continuing the redesign process.
  • Provide ample opportunities to learn and practice the new teaching skills needed for hybrid instruction, particularly skills not encountered in the traditional face-to-face classroom, such as facilitation of online discussion.
  • Have faculty work in small collaborative groups during breakout sessions as they deal with course redesign issues to develop confidence and foster ongoing collegial support.
  • Ensure during the program that faculty trainers provide ample and timely feedback for every assignment submitted by participants, and that during the program sufficient time is given for trainers to answer all the questions asked by participants.
  • Encourage continued support as faculty prepare to offer their first hybrid course by making certain that trainers remain available to respond to questions and offer feedback.

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