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Program Websites

UW-Milwaukee is making available a number of Web sites that we created over the past few years for our hybrid faculty development programs, some offered over a period of days, others over several weeks. These Web sites exemplify the principles and guidelines for faculty development programs sketched above, as well as the topics we have identified as important to discuss with faculty. These Web sites are substantial. They include the agendas for each face-to-face meeting as well as all presentations, handouts, breakout exercises or assignments, and online resources in specific areas of hybrid pedagogy.

To login and view the content on these Web sites, please go to http://D2L.uwm.edu. Login with username AND password = hybfac

You are welcome to adapt and use our materials freely for your own campus programs. However, we would appreciate it if you would identify the materials as originally created by the UW-Milwaukee Learning Technology Center, and provide a link to this Website (http://hybrid.uwm.edu or http://blended.uwm.edu).

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