UWM Faculty Development Program for Online and Blended Learning

Interested in our faculty development program for blended and online teaching? Please click on the link below to register for our spring faculty development program!


Please check back for future dates!

There will be activities that will take place online between the two face-to-face sessions.

Please contact Dylan Barth with any questions about the UWM Faculty Development Program for Online and Blended Learning.

Online Courses

Online courses are courses where 100% of the traditional face-to-face classroom time is replaced by online assignments and activities. Students have greater flexibility regarding when and where coursework can be completed.

The LTC staff has expertise that can help instructors in the design and delivery of fully online courses. Fully online courses use technology in order to meet in a virtual classroom. Fully online courses do not meet face-to-face, but use Desire2Learn, a courseware product, in order to facilitate a virtual classroom. We assist instructors in developing their courses for online administration by proposing pedagogical and technological considerations in design.