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D2L Scavenger Hunt

eLearn Campus Shockwave D2L Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is customizable to your course design. Students complete the scavenger hunt using the PowerPoint to guide them while completing the corresponding worksheet, which is then submitted to the drop box. Students are learning about the course, while familiarizing themselves with D2L.

Student Assessments and Tips- Are you ready for online? hybrid?

Online Learning Assessments
Illinois Online Network (ION) Self-Evaluation
CCBC Distance Learning Self-Assessment

Tips for Success
ION Online Student Profile
ION Tips to Success
JHU Effective Learner
UW Stevens Points Tips
COD Survey


Blogging & Participatory Media

Educational Blogging

Things You Should Know About Videoblogging

Exploring the Use of Blogs as Learning Spaces in the Higher Education Sector

Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom

The Phenomenon of Blogs and Theoretical Model of Blog Use in Educational Contexts

10 Tips for Getting Started Teaching with Twitter


7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting

There’s Something in the Air:Podcasting in Education

The Perceived Usefulness of Podcasting in Higher Education

Podcasting Student Help

General Resources

What are Hybrid Courses?

Time Estimates of Online Work

Putting Formulas Online

Using Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

Using Rubrics for Assessment


Evaluating your online course

Quality Matters

Horton, W. (2001). Evaluating e-learning. ASTD. ASTD is the American Society for Training and development, so please note that the book was developed more for corporate training than higher education.

Horton Consulting offers some helpful tools:

Evaluation Workbook

Evaluation Planning

Again, remember that these are more for corporate sector, but can be revised for educational use.

Managing Small Groups Online


Managing Online Discussion Forums

Learning Objects

Merlot is probably the world's best-known repository for learning objects.


Rubrics for your Online Course

Understanding Rubrics by Heidi Goodrich Andrade
An excellent introduction to the creation of rubrics.

Rubric Generators
This is designed for K-12 instructors, but it gives you a good idea how to proceed creating your rubrics.


Assessing Online Resources

Susan Beck's famous article on assessment of Web pages
Susan Beck, at New Mexico State, has written one of the best-known online guides to student assessment of Web sites.

Rubric for the Evaluation of Web Sites
This is kind of interesting -- a rubric on assessment of Web sites. It was written by John Pilgrim in a K-12 environment, but could easily be adapted to university-level work.

Tutorial on Assessment of Web sites
This tutorial (which includes lots of examples) was placed online by the UC-Berkeley Library.

Evaluating Internet Sites
This simulation teaches a student how to evaluate the quality of an Internet site.

Classroom assessment techniques (CATs)

Indiana University

Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG)

A very low-key, succinct discussion of CATs


Web Quest

The Web Quest page at San Diego State University
This is the definitive Web quest page, in my view.