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From a faculty user:
"Overall I think clickers increased student satisfaction and participation in the course. It also allowed me instant feedback on student comprehension. They also seem to engage students more fully in a large lecture course. They can also stimulate discussion in a class where that does not occur often."

Grant Collaboration
The UW System Grant project that explored the impact of clickers on teaching and learning was a collaboration among 4 UW campuses:

Welcome faculty, teaching academic staff, and instructors!

articles and research about clickers

Below are links to a series of articles that pertain to clickers in the classroom. Some articles are tips for faculty who are getting started using clickers. Other articles detail instructors' experience in using and integrating clickers in their classrooms. We have included articles regarding assessing student learning in large classes to help one with the redesign of a course that will use clickers. Further, there is a listing of popular media articles and peer reviewed journal articles.

Basic Information

7 things you should know about...Clickers (Educause)

Tips - Getting Started

Twelve tips for using a computerised interactive audience response system by Robertson

Transforming Student Learning with Classroom Communications Systems (EDUCAUSE)

Clickers in the Classroom (Forward, Chapters 1 & 2) by Duncan

Research on SRS

Student Response Systems: Interactivity in a Classroom Environment by Horowitz

Peer Instruction: Results from a Range of Classrooms by Fagen, Crouch, & Mazur

Peer Instruction: Ten years of experience and results by Crouch & Mazur

Evaluating a Wireless Course Feedback System by Rice & Bunz

Assessment of Student Learning

A Student Response System in an Electronic Classroom by Ober, BSU

Rutgers Physics Student Response System

Interactive Teaching Using the Classroom Performance System by Silverthorn, UT

Popular Media Articles

In class, the audience weighs in (CNet)

Interactive 'clickers' transform classrooms (CNN)

In Class, the Audience Weighs In (New York Times)

Run a Class Like a Game Show (Chronicle)

As seen on TV (The Guardian)

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