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From a faculty user:
"Overall I think clickers increased student satisfaction and participation in the course. It also allowed me instant feedback on student comprehension. They also seem to engage students more fully in a large lecture course. They can also stimulate discussion in a class where that does not occur often."

Grant Collaboration
The UW System Grant project that explored the impact of clickers on teaching and learning was a collaboration among 4 UW campuses:

Guides and Manuals

step-by-step instructions and help sheets for the technical things

Turning Point has several helpful guides and manuals. Below are materials developed by participating institutions.

Student Handout

Clicker Light Indicator PowerPoint

Turning Points Tips to Using

Assigning Points, Exporting Grades, and Importing to D2L

PPT PDF Clicker Registration and Use

PPT PDF Startup Procedures: First Tasks

PPT PDF Managing TurningPoint Files I: The Presentation File

PPT PDF Managing TurningPoint Files II: Importing and Selecting a Participant List (.tpp) File)

PPT PDF Managing TurningPoint Files III: Editing a Participant List

PPT PDF Managing TurningPoint Files IV: The Session (.tpz) file

PPT PDF Creating and Customizing your First Slide (Multiple Choice) Slide

PPT PDF Creating Slides Using TP Templates

PPT PDF Converting Non-Interactive TurningPoint or PowerPoint Slides into Interactive TurningPoint Slides

PPT PDF Importing (Parsing) MS-Word Quizzes into TurningPoint Slides

PPT PDF Creating Demographic Slides and Linking Demographic Responses to a Participant List

PPT PDF When and When Not to Identify Correct Answers and Assign Point Values to Responses

PPT PDF Creating Comparative Links to compare responses to pre- and post-test questions

PPT PDF Comparing Responses to different questions by Data Slicing

PPT PDF Merging Sessions

PPT PDF Generating Reports

PPT PDF Export/Import of TurningPoint Session Files I: Putting the D2L Export Scheme in the Right Folder on our Computer

PPT PDF Export/Import of TurningPoint Session Files II: Exporting .tpz (Session) Files to csv Files Ready for Import into D2L

PPT PDF Export/Import of TurningPoint Session Files III: Importing CSV Files into D2L that Contain Student Response Data Exported from TurningPoint

PPT PDF Using your X-Drivefrom Campus Computers (except School of Business)

PPT PDF Troubleshooting I: Some students' clickers don't work

PPT PDF Troubleshooting II: All clickers fail

PPT PDF Troubleshooting III: My session data won't save, I get error messages when I try to use it to generate reports, it takes too long to save my session data, my tpz file is corrupt.

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