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From a student:
"They were a really fun and refreshing way to learn and participate in such a big lecture."

Faculty Selection and Development

getting faculty prepared

Once the grant proposal was accepted, a request for proposals (RFP) was developed in order to select faculty participants for the grant project. The RFP was distributed to chairs and department heads as well as faculty who had shown previous interest.

Request for Proposals

UWM selected 10 faculty to participate, UWEC selected 6 faculty to participate, UWO selected 5 faculty to participate, and UWW selected 6 faculty to participate. Faculty were selected across disciplines, course level, and class size in order to gain a better understanding of the impact of the technology on courses with differing characteristics.


1. Janet Bitzan, Nursing, Nursing Science II,

2. Barry Cameron, Geosciences, Earth, Air, Fire, Water,

3. Raoul Deal, Visual Art, Cultures and Communities,

4. Joanne Lazirko, School of Business,Introduction to Info Systems,

5. Sally O'Connor, Sociology, Social Psychology,

6. David Osmon, Psychology, History of Psychology,

7. Andrew J Petto, Biological Sciences, Anatomy and Physiology,

8. Erika Sander, Human Movmnt Sci, Introduction to Motor Development,

9. Susan Stalewski, Clinical Lab Sciences, Intro to Diagnostic Medicine,

10. Kyle Swanson, Math Sciences, Survey of Meteorology,

UW-Eau Claire Participants

1. Mike Dorsher, CJ, Mass Media Ethics,

2. Geoffrey Peterson, Political Science, Intro to American Government,

3. Donald Bredle, Kins, Exercise Physiology,

4. Douglas Dunham, Physics and Astr., Physical Science,

5. Blaine Peden, Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology,

6. Richard Ryberg, Social Work, Methods of Social Work Research,

UW-Oshkosh Participants

1. Karl Lowenstein, History, Early Civilization,

2. Denise Robson, Economics, General Economics,

3. Lisa Dorn, Biology,Genetics,

4. Jennifer Mihalick, Chemistry, General Chemistry,

5. Sandra Neuendorf, Chemistry, General, Organic, & Biochemistry,

UW-Whitewater Participants

1. Carla Corroto, Sociology, Sociology of Marriage and Family,

2. Kirsten Crossgrove, Biology, Bio Foundations,

3. Kris Curran, Biology, Bio Foundations,

4. Richard Cummings, Accounting,Accounting Tax 1,

5. E. Andrew Kapp, Occup. Env. Safety, Safety, Alcohol & Other Drugs,

6. Bob Benjamin, Physics,Physics 170,


The grant participants from each campus attended a workshop that was developed in order to prepare them to effectively integrate clickers into their classroom. The workshop includes thought provoking questions on course design that were to be completed before the day of the workshop, breakout sessions on developing uses of clickers, a session on possible challenges and concerns, a session on considerations in integration, and a session on assessment. The day of the workshop we also had a couple faculty members demonstrate previous use of clickers and discuss their experiences.

Clicker Faculty Development Workshop

In addition to the summer faculty development workshops, many of the campuses held workshops and provided one-on-one consulting to their instructors.

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