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From a student:
"They were a really fun and refreshing way to learn and participate in such a big lecture."

Grant Proposal

funded by UW System

Student Response Systems Grant Proposal [pdf]

  • Submitted for funding to the Office of Technology, University of Wisconsin System

  • 4 UW institutions

  • Focus on how instructors can use student response systems to actively engage students and facilitate student learning

  • Recruit and identify faculty participants on each campus

  • Identify student response systems to be used on each campus

  • Conduct face-to-face training and orientation sessions for project participants

  • Faculty redesign modules for their fall courses, integrating pedagogically meaningful uses of clickers

  • Consultation and support provided to faculty by campus learning technology centers

  • Installation student response systems in classrooms

  • Create assessment and evaluation tools completed and collect data on faculty and student use of clickers

  • Faculty debriefing on student response system use

  • Complete analysis of data gathered from faculty and students

  • Design faculty development program and materials to prepare faculty to use student response systems

  • Develop content for Student Response System Web site

Student Response Systems (SRS) have the potential to provide the means for introducing active student participation and engagement into lecture classes. Student response system technologies equip the student with a personal response unit, or "clicker", for answering questions posed by the instructor in class. The potential for transforming traditionally passive large lecture classes into stimulating interactive classes is great. Student response systems can engage the attention of students, make them active participants in their learning, and provide them with immediate feedback on their understanding of material. They also provide faculty with information on students' understanding of course concepts and the ability to adjust course activities based upon student responses. Class responses can also be used as a prompt for classroom discussion and other activities.

The UW SRS Project involves faculty and staff from four UW institutions and is designed to learn how instructors can use student response systems to actively engage students and facilitate student learning. Sixteen instructors from four UW campuses will be supported as they redesign their courses and integrate SRS-based learning activities. The impact of these SRS activities on teaching and learning will be assessed and "best practices" will be distilled and shared with other UW faculty. The project will also create a faculty development program to introduce instructors to student response systems and how to use them effectively. One of the outcomes of the project will be a Student Response System Web site for faculty, LTC staff, and faculty developers, which will include the best practices, resources on student response systems, and the faculty development program for integrating SRS into courses.

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