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From a student:
"They were a really fun and refreshing way to learn and participate in such a big lecture."

UWM students can register their clicker at:

Student FAQs

answers to frequently asked questions

Below are links to Student FAQ's developed by the campuses. Some of the information is general to clickers and other information is specific to Turning Point or CPS/eInstruction (the two vendors that were part of our grant project).

UW Milwaukee Turning Point Student FAQ's

UW Oshkosh CPS/eInstruction Student FAQ's

UW Whitewater Information for Students

Some possible questions you may want to include in developing your own FAQs for students:

  • What is a Student Response System (SRS) or clicker?

  • How can clickers help me in the classroom?

  • Where do I get a clicker?

  • How do I register my clicker?

  • How do I start using my clicker?

  • How do I program my clicker?

  • How do I troubleshoot my clicker?

  • Why is a keypad not working?

  • What kind of batteries does my clicker use?

  • Should I sell my clicker back or keep it?

  • Where's the serial number on my clicker?

  • What do the lights on my clicker mean?

  • What is the clicker activation fee?

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