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From a student:
"They were a really fun and refreshing way to learn and participate in such a big lecture."

UWM students can register their clicker at:

Students and Clickers!

helping students effectively use clickers

The student page on clickers was developed to assist campuses in developing student materials that will inform students on how clickers are used in the classroom, what to expect when participating in a class that is using clickers, and how to find support for their clickers.

Resources available to assist students in using clickers, include:

  • Student FAQ's to answer students basic questions about clickers

  • Student Support to provide guidance on supporting students in obtaining, registering, and using their clickers

  • Student Reactions to clickers based on the data gathered in our grant project

From our experiences in implementing clicker technology on campus, we have learned many valuable lessons. We developed different processes to assist students in obtaining clickers, registering clickers, and using clickers. Further, we created support systems for students to find assistance for any possible issues that may arise.

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