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From a student:
"They were a really fun and refreshing way to learn and participate in such a big lecture."

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Student Reactions

students' likes and dislikes

We asked our students three open ended questions when soliciting their viewpoints of clickers. We have randomly selected students' comments in developing this page to give a fair perception of the students' experience. Below are some of our students' reactions to using clickers. The three questions asked were:

What did you like best about your experience using clickers in this class?

1.) I like the bar graphs that show what other people in the class may be thinking.

2.) I liked that people in a big lecture hall actually got participation points for coming to the class. Usually, many people just skip classes that have notes online. Because of the clickers, I was forced more to come to class to get points.

3.) Overall, I liked using the clickers. I came to class more often and stayed awake more than I would have otherwise. Also, it gave me an idea of what test questions may be like.

4.) Made the class more engaging. Forced me to pay attention.

5.) Overall, I liked using the clickers. I came to class more often and stayed awake more than I would have otherwise. Also, it gave me an idea of what test questions may be like.

6.) Overall, it was great. It's a good way for professors to keep track of who comes to class and who doesn't. It also encourages students to attend class. It's a great way for students to see if they are caught up with the material.

7.) I liked that clicker questions were sometimes seen again on exams and by seeing the question in class already, I knew the answer come exam time.

8.) I liked how the clickers started discussions, especially if the question was especially difficult. The clickers also made me more active in class and they allowed the professor to use questions to prepare the students for his exams.

9.) It helped in the course and in the exam.

10.) They were a really fun and refreshing way to learn and participate in such a big lecture.

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If you could fix one thing about the use of clickers, what would it be?

1.) How the software doesnt work sometimes, how it slows things down sometimes (waiting for people to answer).

2.) I would make sure they were registering before each class.

3.) Make the questions more directed towards the exam questions. Not one of the questions from the clickers, or even a questions similiar, were used during an exam.

4.) The price. They were far too expensive for the benefits.

5.) Nothing, they were great!

6.) Sometimes there are spots in the class where the clicker would not work so you have to move it around in different areas until you get a signal. Is there a way someone can fix that so there are no dead zones?

7.) Use the clickers more often and maybe let the student know at some point whether or not their clicker is actually registering/working.

8.) I would make it easier for the professor to register them at the beginning of class, sometimes our clickers weren't working on a particular slide and it took some time to fix it.

9.) Need to be used more

10.) Nothing....I thought the one I had worked great!

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Would you recommend this course to others, if it used the same technology? Why or Why not?

1.) Yes, it helps keep you interacted in the course, and if you participate right and not just hit any button, it can be very beneficial. It increases attendence, and keeps people awake. It adds a unique twist to otherwise what would be a normal

2.) Yes, the clickers make doing the examples much easier. Plus it adds to classroom particpation which is always nice.

3.) Yes, I liked the class regardless of the clickers but they made it even more interesting.

4.) I would because along with taking notes and listening in lecture, the clicker questions help keep you involved and paying attention to the ideas that the professor thinks is important.

5.) Yes, because I got immediate feed back without making myself feel dumb for possibly having the wrong answer.

6.) Yes. Great teache rand clickers were fun. Much less tedious than hand raising.

7.) Yes, it was fun to use the clickers.

8.) Yes, I thought that the clickers made it more fun and interesting, and it made sure you went to class so you could get the points.

9.) I think this technology shows you what you need to understand better right from the beginning, and it also allows the professor to see what the class doesn't understand so he can go over it and explain it again if necissary.

10.) Yes I would. I think that the clickers helped me understand concepts better. When he would ask a clicker question it was a sign that we should know it for the exam.

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