Master Plan
The campus master plan will define the principles by which the physical spaces and facilities of the campus shall be organized, establish development patterns for campus systems to accommodate a twenty-year time horizon, and identify an implementation sequence. Specifically, the master plan will make evaluations and future recommendations regarding land use; space use; image and identity; access, vehicular and pedestrian circulation; parking and transit services, building opportunities; open space, recreation and athletics; utilities and other infrastructure for existing and potential new campus growth and locations. Additionally, it will address the issues of the neighboring communities and metropolitan areas, historic cultural resources (buildings and landscapes), and environmental sustainability.

The growth vision for UWM brings challenging issues to the master planning process, including potential multiple campus locations, a reinvented role for the existing main campus, and complex transportation requirements.

At the core of the campus master plan is the alignment of physical development with UWM's ongoing academic planning. This will ensure that specific planning issues and priorities are supported and the mission of the institution is furthered. The process will be highly inclusive and participatory involving many on- and off-campus stakeholders.