New Staff Development Program


The New Staff Safety Intervention Training Academy is a new staff training program designed specifically to meet the needs of workers beginning positions with the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare and its partner agencies. This innovative approach was launched in March of 2010.

The Academy prepares all new BMCW direct-service staff to fulfill their child protective services and child welfare responsibilities at a basic level of proficiency in accordance with the Wisconsin Safety Standards. It is designed to produce new staff members who are fundamentally proficient in their essential role – ensuring the safety of children – and confident in their ability to perform that role.

All new staff members will attend the program and learn about all BMCW program areas. Universal participation in the Academy prepares new staff members to collaborate effectively across all program areas.


The Training Academy integrates curricula developed by the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System with field instruction activities, structured feedback and formal skill evaluation. These materials were designed in collaboration with national experts in the field of child welfare and our own MCWP instructional staff. This integrated, supportive approach provides new workers with a solid foundation in child safety that will ground them as they continue to build skill in any number of areas throughout their child welfare career.

Web-Based Pre-Service

Before or during their participation in the Training Academy, all new child welfare staff must complete the Wisconsin Statewide Pre-Service Online Modules. For more information about this requirement, talk with your supervisor and access the modules on the Statewide Professional Development System website.


  • New Staff Development Courses
    Courses are a part of the New Staff Safety Intervention Training Academy and are generally taken in sequence as their content is designed to develop progressive knowledge and skill-building. Depending on the specific needs of each Academy cohort, MCWP staff may adjust the course schedule.
  • Additional Required Courses for New Staff Development
    Courses are part of the statewide Case Manager Foundation offered at MCWP. After graduating from the Training Academy BMCW case managers complete this series of courses to learn the balance of fundamental skills necessary for effective child welfare practice. Multiple sessions of these courses are offered throughout the calendar year.

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