Foster & Adoptive Parents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When are Foster & Adoptive Parent trainings held?

Sessions are held various days of the week. Weekdays, sessions begin at 5:30 p.m. Saturday sessions begin either at 9:00 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.

How can I register for classes?

Foster/ adoptive parents may register using PDS Online by telephone at (414) 964-7397, or by completing a paper registration form located at our Center for Learning.

How do I cancel my registration for a class?

If you cannot make it to a class, please cancel by using PDS Online, calling our office at 414-964-7397, or sending an email to faptpreg@uwm.edu

Can I just show up for a class without registering?

Due to class size limitations, we cannot guarantee that participants who are not registered will be able to attend the class. If the class is full, walk-ins will not be accommodated. Please bear in mind that ALL child care MUST be pre-registered one week in advance of the class.

Is there child care available?

Yes, we offer a limited amount of FREE child care. Children must be registered one week prior to the session in order to be eligible to receive child care.

How do I find out what classes are available?

Class schedules are available on PDS Online. In addition, printed copies of our schedule are available at our Center for Learning.

How do I get a copy of my training record?

Foster and Adoptive parents are encouraged to keep record of their training. If you need verification of sessions you attended through the Foster and Adoptive Parent Training Program, please call our office at (414) 964-7397 or go to PDS Online to view your transcript.

Who do I call to find out about taking classes in the community?

Foster and Adoptive parents should contact their Foster Care Licensing Worker to get approval to attend training classes outside of the FAPT program.

I want to become a foster or adoptive parent, where do I start?

Individuals interested in becoming a foster/ adoptive parent should begin by calling either: (414) KID-HERO (414-543-4376) – Children’s Hospital of WI Community Services or 1-855-GROW-HOPE - SaintA

How will I receive notification a training has been cancelled?

In the event that training must be cancelled we will make every effort to call each participant with enough advance notice so you can plan accordingly.

What are the training requirements for Foster and Adoptive parents?

Foster and adoptive parents are required to complete the following training sequence: Preplacement training prior to receiving first placement. See your licensing worker to get registered. New Placement Check-In within 30 days of your first placement. Foundation Training during the first two years of licensure. Ongoing Training at least 10 hours each licensing year.

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