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Accent on Soccer
By Michael Bohn
British student finds sense of home in Milwaukee
[Photo] - Michael Bohn
Tackling College
By Tony Atkins
Home-schooled student savors UWM social life
[Photo] - Tony Atkins
Road Less Traveled
By Rebecca Wehr
Runner escapes school, city on hiking trails
[Photo] - Rebecca Wehr
Who we are (in six words)
By JAMS 204
UWM journalism students pare it down for six-word memoirs
[Photo] - JAMS 204
Savoring Fine Food and Stories
By Yuriko Nakazawa
Journalism student James Gutierrez works at the Milwaukee restaurant “Braise" with noted chef Dave Swanson. He tells Yuriko Nakazawa he savors every aspect of the job.
[Photo] - Yuriko Nakazawa
A Lifetime Sport
By Samantha Nash
While many 60 year olds are looking forward to a relaxing retirement, Joseph Biebel is running fencing drills with teenagers at the Milwaukee Sport Fencing Academy. Biebel began a life-long career in fencing when he joined a Wauwatosa fencing progra ...
[Photo] - Samantha Nash
Jamming for the Love of It
By Marty LeMense
Brian Koceja, a senior at UW-Milwaukee and lead guitarist of local band Stereo Frontier, won’t mind if he doesn’t make it big. He is content recording and producing in his basement, as long as he’s still making music. Marty LeMense produced this audi ...
[Photo] - Marty LeMense
Pop Idols
By Harrison Turner
UWM student Ryan Sugden admits he has a bit of an obsession with pop culture icons like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. However, these artists’ catchy tunes aren’t the only reason for his loyalty. His pop idols have helped him navigate the confusions of life ...
[Photo] - Harrison Turner
Olympic Dreams Drive Wisconsin Boxer
By Blanca Picasso
18-year-old Kevin Garduno dreams of one day boxing at the Olympic games. To help reach this goal, he trains and fights with the Watertown Boxing Club. Kevin hopes that his hard work, dedication, and his 13-5 record will get him there one day. Blanca ...
[Photo] - Blanca Picasso
UW-Milwaukee 101
By James Gutierrez
Chiba, Japan native and exchange student Yuriko Nakazawa tells James Gutierrez she's taking a crash course in life at UWM.
[Photo] - James Gutierrez
Results 31 - 40 of 42
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