Milwaukee Man Sentenced in Attempted Murder

Mother and defendant beg judge for leniency


By Jessica Weina


A young man, not looking more than a teenager, with a wide smile and swagger, entered the Milwaukee County courthouse acknowledging family members, who watched behind glass with a slight nod.

James Jermaine Davis, 24, chained at the waist, ankles, and wrists had previously pleaded not guilty to first degree attempted homicide. But he was convicted by a jury, and, on Friday, a Milwaukee judge sentenced Davis to 16 years confinement and 10 years extended supervision.

The state brought to light his extensive criminal history, including possession of cocaine and other contraband, multiple restraining orders for domestic abuse, battery, and resisting/ obstructing an officer. Davis listened in red disciplinary scrubs for fighting in the pod.

Judge Rebecca Dallet was appalled by Davis’ conduct.

“Even while waiting your sentencing, you’re not able to control your behavior,” she said.

In his defense, Davis’ attorney reminded the court of his short employment history including custodial work on airplanes at General Mitchell International Airport and his involved relationship with his three year old daughter.

Five of Davis’ family members including his mother Felecia McIntosh came to the trial; however, the victims were not present.

Davis fired eight shots at another man and a woman. One bullet skimmed the male victim's head and another landed in his back. According to the defense, the injured man drove himself to the hospital with no known permanent damage. Davis vaguely addressed being involved with the woman. She was physically unharmed. 

Davis apologized relentlessly when asked to make his statement.

“I’m sorry to (the victim). I had no reason to cause any harm to him,” he said. “I’ve been shot, and it’s no good feelin’.”

He continued, “I’m not no menace to society,” as the state had accused.

Dallet disagreed unquestionably.

“You’re out of control,” she said. “The fact that [the male victim] didn’t die is a miracle. You’re a danger to the whole community.”

Dallet addressed Davis' intent and concluded that he clearly meant to shoot.

“I don’t know what it’s going to take to get through to you,” she continued.

During McIntosh’s statement on behalf of her son, she asked the court to “give him some sympathy.”

“Please don’t judge his past,” she asked in shaky vocals.

Davis asked the same. But Dallet didn’t consider it.

“It’s your present, Mr. Davis,” she said. “You have to mature and unfortunately, you have to do it away from the community.” 

In 2006, Davis was allegedly accused in a first degree reckless homicide that killed a 13 year old bystander. He was acquitted by a jury in that case. 




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