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Twitter, Facebook, Myspace…Social media finds itself taking over. Spreenkler, a social networking agency, works to use these sites to lead college students in the right direction, in this converging media world.

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Twitter, Facebook, Myspace…Social media finds itself taking over. Spreenkler, a social networking agency, works to use these sites to lead college students in the right direction, in this converging media world.

Spreenkler creates opportunities for students to be a part of this ever growing media field. Their monthly meetings help students know what resources are out there and how to use them.

The Milwaukee region is looking to grow and Spreenkler wants to retain fresh, young students to be ready to launch their careers here, in their own backyard around Wisconsin.

The economy in a whole, has affected students in many regions. However, Spreenkler looks to use social media networking to brand students for a future employer.

Spreenkler looked at many networking sites from the ever so popular Facebook, to the underground

Sara Gehl, director of marketing and client services at Spreenkler, hopes students use the resources and knowledge that Spreenkler is willing to give them.

Gehl said, “Spreenkler is about retaining talent in the city of Milwaukee and hiring college students to give them real world experience working with clients around the Milwaukee region. That’s our main goal, our main mission and because we are knowledgeable in social media, we just want to help out students as much as we can to launch their careers, so it’s a no brainer for us.

Spreenkler held a social media workshop in Union 240 at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee on Friday April 24th at 1 p.m. Spreenkler holds monthly meetings to let students know how to social network through media outlets.

Spreenkler, which consists of four employees, introduced many social networking sites at their workshop. Spreenkler’s job is to use social media strategies and web-design techniques to better their client base. They look to retain college students who are tech-savvy and creatively, fresh to help better their clients and future clients.

Sites Introduced:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Youtube

Dawn Zimmerman, a recent UWM graduate and now lead creative designer for Spreenkler, said, “We’re trying to grow the business here, so people don’t have to go to Chicago, New York, San Francisco. I mean when I was looking for a job, I was looking in Miami and was looking in places elsewhere but I found a job at Spreenkler because they’re trying to help people, it just kind of affects everything.” Spreenkler explained sites such as Twitter and Facebook that use blogs and micro-blogging. They are used as marketing tools. Facebook, which is used by many as a more informal way to connect with friends and family can play a dual role in networking.

Bill Benson, Social Media Campaign Coordinator at Spreenkler said, “Step your game up, use it as a dual purpose, for friends and networking.” However, they did mention to “revamp” it if you want a future employer to look at it. Photos, interests, and email are aspects that need to be formal., which is free to sign up, they described this as more an under the radar social media network. There are over three hundred and thirty nine professionals on This site lets people know about meetings around certain area. Milwaukee career networkers are on, where they look for well rounded students who take charge. Flickr and Carbonmade, which are both sites where you can store photos and Youtube, a video sharing website, were brought up when talking about creative, social networking. Flickr and Carbonmade let people build and manage an online portfolio. It also helps to build a network with other creatives.

Spreenkler also mentioned as a creative outlet. Video resumes are slowly starting to surface. Youtube lets people put up their video resume. Benson said, “It just depends if you are comfortable in front of a camera.”

Madison Seitz, a senior at UWM, attended the workshop. Seitz said, “It was definitely very informative. I am on Facebook and Myspace and I’m starting to get into Twitter but I’m not very familiar with it so it was really helpful with getting to know about and more about Twitter and other social networking sites.”

The economy has put a damper on many recent and upcoming graduates’ dreams. Finding a job can be difficult right now. Seitz also said, “I want as much experience as I can get going into the field, with the economy as it is, you kind of want to be really well rounded going into this.”.

Spreenkler continues to hold monthly networking meetings. Business people, accountants, artists, and students join Spreenkler at their office at Bucketworks on 1340 N. 6th Street in downtown Milwaukee. For information about more social networking sites or networking meetings, email Spreenkler or visit their website at

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