BOOK REVIEW: Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

BOOK REVIEW: Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

By Tony Kamps


One of the most beloved figures in American history is the 16th President Abraham Lincoln. He was a visionary in regards to where he led our country. He came from a rural background and used that in his life to go from a poor farm boy to President of the United States of America. In his spare time he killed vampires. Wait…what? A new novel by Seth Grahame-Smith takes some liberty in facts but in the end writes a fun entertaining semi-autobiography of Honest Abe.

The novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a follow-up to Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. You kind of get the feeling what kind of genre the author is into just by reading the titles. Unlike his first novel Vampire Hunter is a complete original. From start to finish it is entirely Seth Grahame-Smith’s work. And it is very entertaining.

The book begins with the beginnings of Abraham Lincoln. How he was born into a poor family. It talks of how his father moved the family throughout Abe’s childhood before settling in Illinois. It is early in his childhood that Abe learns of the existence of vampires. Grahame-Smith doesn’t just throw Vampires into the life of Abe without some creativity. He does it in such a way that is extremely brilliant and creative.

Abe learns of the existence of the bloodsuckers from his drunken father. After learning that his mother was slain by a vampire Abe vows to destroy every single one.  In doing this he links vampires with Abe for his entire life. He gives Abe a life-long quest one that he gladly takes up after learning of the demise of his mother.

Abe grows up and goes on to wear many different hats in life. He was a Senator, business owner, and eventually President. One of the difficult tasks that Grahame-Smith faced was intertwining the real life of Abe with his fake life of vampire hunting. He does this in fluid creativity. He is helped of course by the fact of the era Abe lived in. There are no true records of what happened before Abe came into the limelight of politics.

There are a few problems with the book. The only negative is that everyone that dies in Abe’s life is actually murdered by vampires. It is understandable to have the antagonist of a story to have a hand in some of the negatives in the protagonist’s life. Every single negative though? It becomes a little much almost to the point of predictability. It is the only downfall of the book. In no way though does it make the story any less entertaining.

This book works. It isn’t a novelty act. Vampire Hunter is a fine blend of humor with fiction and spatters in a little non-fiction. The book has everything you could ask for in an entertaining novel. It has action, drama, humor, and even a love story. If you didn’t know anything about Abraham Lincoln other than the fact he was President you will learn factual history of the historical figure. With the new fad of vampires it is only fitting that the greatest President in our history gets tied in with them.

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