Justin Mai: On Sarah Palin

Ironically timed, Governor of Alaska and former 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin announced that on July 25, 2009 she would officially resign the Governorship of the state of Alaska.

Ironically timed, Governor of Alaska and former 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin announced that on July 25, 2009 she would officially resign the Governorship of the state of Alaska.

Ms. Palin made light of her resignation to that of her days as a star High School basketball player in Alaska, saying that a good point guard always “knows exactly when to pass the ball so that the team can win.” So the question on everyone’s mind in America is why and is she possibly gearing up for a possible 2012 Presidential run for the Republican Party? Coming from a person who avidly reads the print edition of the New York Times and of the both left and right political wing blogs, I believe that is clearly a sign that Ms. Palin will indeed make a calculated and serious run for the GOP nomination in 2012 for the Presidential race.

As most people know, Ms. Palin first came out on the national political scene in 2008 as the running mate to John McCain’s failed Presidential nomination for the Republican Party. Ms. Palin was brought on to the campaign by Mr. McCain to try and boot some enthusiasm among the religious right wing of the Republican Party as she was seen widely seen as an easygoing Mother of five children from Alaska. Ms. Palin never strayed too far from controversy during the campaign; she first announced that her teenage daughter, Bristol, was pregnant and would soon marry the father. Ms. Palin also received mixed reviews from the National media as she gave interviews that showed her slightly ignorant and not prepared for the national limelight. All of these elements were seen as disastrous to the McCain-Palin Presidential ticket by many Republican Party strategists.

As I stated before, I believe that this is a very clear and definite sign that Ms. Palin will run for the GOP 2012 Presidential nominee. As the Republican Party is still pulling themselves together after their recent round defeat in the 2008 election and with the Democrats in America looking better than ever, the GOP is trying to find an image for the next Presidential Election in 2012. The field of possible Republican Presidential candidates seems to be changing by the day with the recent admission by Mark Sanford, the Governor of South Carolina, of extra marital affairs that he committed. Presently, the Party is lacking a heavy hitter to challenge President Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election. This is where I believe Ms. Palin is aligning herself to challenge her former opponent in 2012.

During her July 3rd press conference, Ms. Palin took no questions from reporters and was also seen as giving a rambling statement; often stumbling over her own words and not knowing exactly what to say. Ms. Palin specifically noted that she is resigning the Governorship of Alaska to start to take part in a higher calling of children’s issues both inside and outside the state of Alaska.

By resigning this far in advance of 2012, Ms. Palin will be able to free up her time to start to drum up her name in the national circles of the media and travel more extensively that doesn’t limit her time and resources to that of running the state of Alaska. It should also be noted that it would be difficult for her to re-seek the Governorship of Alaska in the 2010 and immediately turn around to start her campaign for the 2012 Presidential Election. That itself would be almost impossible for anyone, let alone a Wife and Mother of five children, to run that gauntlet.

Critics will note that in doing this Ms. Palin could be seen as a quitter and this act is unprecedented and has done been before by someone who has aspirations of the Presidency. It could be said that Ms. Palin is just simply tired and worn out from all the daily stresses of being a Governor. Also with the recent controversies that have swirled around her like the recent Vanity Fair article which talked about her during the 2008 Presidential Election as someone who always fought with aides and other people on the campaign.

I still do believe that Ms. Palin having been on the Presidential campaign in 2008 is transfixed on being the first woman President in US history. She has been on the national scene before and the biggest stage in the world is something that she cannot get her mind off of. Ms. Palin is seen as a member of the GOP who draws huge crowds to wherever she goes and will use this light to jump to the 2012 Presidential Election.

With her recent resignation of Governorship of Alaska, Ms. Palin is moving herself to that of a more national scene. Ms. Palin will go to great lengths to bring up her name in the national political scene to enable her to obtain the GOP 2012 President nominee. Ms. Palin stunning announcement this weekend is clearly seen as her first move in the political game of chess to in the Road to the White House 2012.

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