King of Pop... or Not?

Michael Jackson is the King of pop who left a legacy of hope and inspiration for the world to follow and obtain. 

“Do you remember the time, when we fell in love?” Who couldn’t remember the lyrics and time when they first fell in love with Michael Jackson? The world of music seemed like it couldn’t find its proper tune the night of June 25th when Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at the Los Angeles hospital.

Michael Jackson was the seventh child born into the famous Jackson family. However, fame did not always come easy for the young star. He began his career with his brothers in the group his father managed, “The Jackson 5,” when he was only five years old. He had to trade in his childhood days of malt balls for constant travel on the road and billions of fans.

By the time Michael had went solo in 1971, he had taken part in producing music that was life altering. The Jackson 5 was signed to Motown Records which made hits that appealed to their white and black audiences. They were the first to have four of their major hit singles appear on the top American charts.

While the world loved watching baby Michael grow into a successful young man, the world also had the privilege of witnessing the making of a pop icon. With his elegant, sparkling glove snuggled on one hand, Michael’s signature style has been imitated by many. His simple white shirt and socks, black pants and shoes, will be remembered.

Everyone wanted to be like Mike. Michael Jackson left an imprint on music with his signature moon walk, just like Michael Jordan left his legacy with the game of basketball. Maybe it’s in the name.

His record sales speak multitudes as to why Michael is considered to be the King of Pop. Michael’s first debut solo album “Off the Wall” sold seven million copies. His second solo album, “Thriller” is the best selling album of all times and sold an astonishing 60 million copies worldwide.

The album only contained nine tracks, seven of which reached the top 10 and remained on the Billboard Album charts for a breath taking two years. These world breaking achievements are what should be celebrated when speaking of Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael was often portrayed in the media for his facial alterations and skin tone which continued to take a lighter shade throughout the years. His skin condition is said to be caused by vitiligo, a skin disorder in which smooth, whitish patches appear on the skin. In addition to having vitiligo, he was also believed to have lupus. Taking on the nickname, “Wacko Jacko,” Michael often fought off allegations that he bleached his skin to create a lighter, acceptable skin tone.

His appearance had been modified dramatically from the Michael we know from the Jackson 5. But, isn’t beauty only skin deep? In a documentary, Living with Michael Jackson, he admitted the reason for having the plastic surgery done to his nose was because he was often teased growing up for its large size.

Being black is beautiful. The large nose, the nappy hair, and often dark skin tone is beauty at its finest. Sometimes it’s hard to accept imperfections we have about ourselves. We all have insecurities within our minds that other people easily look past. Who are we to judge him for surgeries that are becoming more common from everyday people, not just celebrities? Michael still and will always be Black, regardless of the appearance his skin tone has taken.

Allegations of Michael molesting children first surfaced in 1993, when a 13 year-old-boy accused Michael of kissing and fondling him inappropriately while he stayed the night at Michael’s Neverland Ranch. The lawsuit was settled when he paid an undisclosed amount of money to the family of the 13 year-old-boy. In 2003, he was accused again for molesting a boy on his Neverland Ranch; however the family did not file a lawsuit. Michael has been acquitted of all charges that have ever been brought against him. The truth will always prevail.

Michael Jackson is truly a megastar that paved the way for inspiring artists to make an impact in the music industry. Take a look at Usher, Ciara, Ginuwine, and many other artists who have the same swagger that Michael Jackson possessed. He won eight Grammy awards in a single night, setting an industry record, starred in the black version of The Wizard of Oz, and set the record for best selling albums. Michael Jackson is the King of pop who left a legacy of hope and inspiration for the world to follow and obtain.

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