Trashy is Trash

Campus clothing should be classier

By Kevin J. Michaels

It’s time to reconsider the dress of college students today, especially young women. There is a line between attractive and trashy, and it has been crossed.

Time and time again, I notice questionable judgment calls of women’s attire on campus. When I see a girl walk by with her butt hanging out, I feel embarrassed for her. It seems that once a young woman leaves home for college, all sense of modesty is left behind.

Now this is not to say that ALL college girls are dressing this way. Many girls can and do dress tastefully, and look great doing it.

However, the questionable attire of some college girls today truly says something about their character. When you don’t respect yourself it shows. If you do not have respect for yourself, there is no way any guy will either.

Revealing clothing is a terrible image to portray in order to attract someone else. If you are trying to meet new people, you should aim for someone who will think highly of you and like you for who you are. Not what you look like.

It is obvious that college girls who dress in this fashion crave attention. Sure, dressing like this may arouse attention, but at a cost. Those who have noticed you will either be scared away, or worse, interested because they think you will be “easy.” These girls need to ask themselves what their fashion reveals about their personality.

When you dress in revealing clothing, it shows others that you either lack self-respect or are incredibly superficial. This is a very sad thing because it leads to the objectification of young women. And no woman deserves this.

I believe that this problem can be fixed very easily. First, think of someone you really care for and respect. Then think about your style of dress and consider what that person would think of the way you look. Chances are, they won’t think too highly of you.

Your sense of style should be something you can be proud of. It also should reflect positively on you. Although dressing like a prostitute may attract attention, it definitely will not attract respect.

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