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Crossing Brady Street [Icon] - Has Audio
By Tom Kosiec
Historic Glorioso's relocates, expands across from original shop
[Photo] - Tom Kosiec
Hip Hop Thesis [Icon] - Has Audio
By Kaitlin Sharkey
Reaching young students with music they love
[Photo] - Kaitlin Sharkey
High Stakes Sticks [Icon] - Has Audio
By Jeremy Burgard
National fencing tournament brings best to Milwaukee
[Photo] - Jeremy Burgard
Going International [Icon] - Has Audio
By Aaron Knapp
New arts magazine launches from downtown gallery
[Photo] - Aaron Knapp
Bucks Hear the Thunder [Icon] - Has Audio
By Antoine Mack
Milwaukee falls to Oklahoma City team playing without their star
[Photo] - Antoine Mack
Growing Community in Riverwest [Icon] - Has Audio
By Andrea Mesalk
New center will be a gathering place, neighborhood exchange
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[Photo] - Andrea Mesalk
IRAQ to WISCONSIN: When Homecoming is Hard [Icon] - Has Audio
By Xeranda Sanford
Three Milwaukee veterans tackle a daunting transition
Special Projects
[Photo] - Xeranda Sanford
Bridal Dresses for Cancer [Icon] - Has Audio
By Lyndsay Spa
Bridal Dresses for Cancer
[Photo] - Lyndsay Spa
Sounds of Science [Icon] - Has Audio
By Kyle Warnke
Reporter Kyle Warnke won awards from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association and the Milwaukee Press Club for his audio portrait of UW-Milwaukee's popular "Science Bag" program.
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[Photo] - Kyle Warnke
Harley in Wartime [Icon] - Has Audio
By Adilene Guajardo
Milwaukee's Harley Davidson Motor Company has emotional ties to the nation's veterans.
[Photo] - Adilene Guajardo
Results 41 - 50 of 57
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