Milwaukee Bucks Make Splash at Trade Time

Milwaukee Bucks Make Splash at Trade Time

The Milwaukee Bucks have made a splash at the trading deadline, and they have made trades that they hope will improve their team.  

The Bucks' biggest move was trading Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander to the Bulls for shooting guard John Salmons.

The other trade the Bucks made was trading Jodie Meeks and Francisco Elson to the Philadelphia 76ers for Royal Ivey, Primoz Brezec, and a second round pick.

The Bucks may have traded away a steal in Jodie Meeks. Trading for John Salmons may help the Bucks this season, but there could be turmoil when Michael Redd returns next season.

"Salmons will help out the Bucks this season, because Michael Redd is hurt. The only problem is Michael Redd is back next year. It's going to be hard to decide who gets more playing time, because they are both quality players," said Bucks fan Jerry Schulz.


Ever since Michael Redd was struck down with a knee injury, the Bucks have been without a scoring threat at shooting guard. Charlie Bell was Redd's replacement, but was only averaging 7.5 points a game. The Bucks needed help at the shooting guard position.

Surprisingly, the Bulls, the Bucks' division rival, agreed to trade away shooting guard John Salmons for power forward Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander. It was a surprising trade because the Bucks and Bulls are competing with each other for a playoff spot. 
Ericka Perrine was surprised by the decision of the Bulls to trade Salmons.

"I was surprised the Bulls traded away John Salmons. He was a good player to come off the bench. I guess the Bulls just wanted to be cheap and save money by trading away for expiring contracts," said Perrine.

It is true the Bulls do save about $6 million by trading away Salmons, but the Bulls were able to clear cap space to spend money on next year's free agents.

Next year's free agents are probably the best free agent class there has been in a long time. They include Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and possibly Amare Stoudamire. The Bulls might have cleared enough cap space to land one of these premiere basketball players.

The Bucks also increased their payroll by $5.8 million by adding Salmons. This shows the Bucks are willing to spend money in order to win.

In the end, the trade helped both teams. The trade has taken pressure off the Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings. It also gave Jennings another scoring option besides himself. The presence of Salmons has helped the whole team overall.

Ever since coming to the Bucks, Salmons has been averaging 20.1 points a game. He is the leading scorer of the Bucks. He also brings versatility. At his size, he can play both shooting guard and small forward. 

In addition to his expiring contract, Hakim Warrick has contributed for the Bulls on the floor. Ever since the Bulls traded Tyrus Thomas to the Bobcats, the Bulls needed a big man to come off the bench. Warrick has been solid coming off the bench with ten points a game and five rebounds a game.


The Bucks might have some inner turmoil, because next season Michael Redd will be returning from knee surgery. He has been the Bucks starting shooting guard since Ray Allen got traded. Can the Bucks co-exist with two shooting guards that both have the talent to start? Will the two players be willing to share playing time?

Bucks have several solutions to this problem. One solution is to keep both players. John Salmons could always switch to play small forward. This will give the Bucks two explosive scoring threats, if Michael Redd can return to his old self.

Another solution to the problem is to trade one of the players. Both players have expiring contracts and wouldn't be hard to trade. The problem arises if they trade Salmons, because Michael Redd could suffer another season ending injury. This could leave the Bucks without a scoring threat at shooting guard.


The second trade the Bucks made was trading Francisco Elson and Jodie Meeks to the Philadelphia 76ers for Primoz Brezec, Royal Ivey, and a second round pick. The trade benefited both teams, but the Bucks might have got short-handed on the deal.

The 76ers benefited by adding a quality role player in Jodie Meeks. Jodie Meeks is only a rookie and has the opportunity to become a solid player.

The Bucks were able to clear a little cap space by trading away Jodie Meeks. They also got a second round pick from the Sixers. The pick should be pretty high, because the Sixers have a bad record. So the Bucks could pick up a quality player in next year's draft.

Not everybody is satisfied with the trade. Some feel the Bucks got short-changed on the deal.

"I think the Bucks made the mistake in trading Meeks. First, they got two players that barely play. Meeks didn't have the chance to prove himself. He was awesome in college and could become a steal in the second round, like Michael Redd. Hopefully, the Bucks get a good player with the draft pick they got," said John Meier.


The Bucks met their need to get a scorer by trading for John Salmons, but they failed the need to get a big man. A big man like Troy Murphy.

Troy Murphy's name was swirling around the rumor mill. He was a player that the Pacers were willing to trade. Unfortunately, the Bucks didn't offer the Pacers enough to get him.
Murphy is averaging 14 points a game and 10 rebounds a game. He could have given the 

Bucks another big man to take pressure off Andrew Bogut. The Bucks have been missing a quality big man since they let Charlie Villanueva go.

Other feels that Murphy could have helped the Bucks.

"Murphy would have been a huge addition for the Bucks. Teams wouldn't double team 

Bogut anymore, because Murphy can put up 20 points a game. He would have helped the Bucks get to the playoffs easier," said Jerry Schulz.

The Bucks can always draft a power forward in the first round of next year's draft. They can also trade for one next year. 

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