Large Crowds At Brewers Celebration

Miller Park was unusually full for a weeknight game in April against a perennially bad team as the Brewers topped division rival Pittsburgh 6-5 Tuesday night during day two of the Five Day Five County Celebration.

5- County residents take advantage of half price tickets

Miller Park was unusually full for a weeknight game in April against a perennially bad team as the Brewers topped division rival Pittsburgh 6-5 Tuesday night during day two of the Five Day Five County Celebration.

In the last few years the Brewers have seen huge leaps in attendance figures as the team continues to improve. As recently as 2006 the Brewers ranked in the lower half of Major League Baseball for home attendance, finishing that season 17th overall with roughly 2.3 million fans attending games at Miller Park according to

So far this year the Brewers rank 10th overall in attendance and the goal is to surpass 3 million fans despite the down economy.

While the success of the team is at the forefront of the attendance spike Brewers officials also give much of the credit to promotions and season ticket renewals.

Among the promotions is this weeks “Five Day Five County Celebration” which began in 2001, the same year that the Brewers moved into Miller Park. The promotion gives Brewers fans living in the five county area a chance to purchase tickets throughout Miller Park for half price.

Regis Bane Director of Ticket Operations at Miller Park said the promotion prompted quite the spike in walk-up ticket sales.

“I would say its double especially a night game. So what we would typically see is twelve-hundred to fourteen-hundred people come up to buy a ticket, and with the five county discount that’s twenty-eight to three thousand” said Bane.

The Five Counties included in the deal are:

  • Milwaukee
  • Ozaukee
  • Racine
  • Washington
  • Waukesha

While the team uses this promotion as away to boost ticket sales many fans saw this as a way to buy prime seats without having to pay a high price. Other fans have made it a family tradition to attend this event every year.

Promotion garners fan support

Gary Pagel is a Mukwonago resident and casual Brewers fan. Pagel probably wouldn’t attend games at Miller Park if it weren’t for promotions such as this where he can get a prime seat for a good price.

“An excellent deal, half price tickets. You get to really see the ballgame the way you should see it instead of up in the nosebleeds, and you get to really enjoy the ballgame as compared to being so far away” said Pagel.

A Family Tradition

For some fans the half price ticket deal has become a family tradition. Waukesha resident Chris Benson is a self proclaimed die-hard Brewers fan who can’t afford to attend many games with his family. Benson sees this deal as the perfect opportunity to get the whole family out to a game.

“Yeah its been a tradition ever since about five years ago, we usually try and get out at least once a year for a game and usually we try and take advantage of the half price tickets” said Benson.

The deal seemed to be a win-win as both fans and Miller Park ticket sales employees were happy with the outcome. While the fans got to purchase tickets for half price, the Brewers organization was able to sell an unusually high number of tickets to an early season game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, perennial bottom feeders in the NL central division finishing below .500 every year since 1992

While just a few years ago the Brewers were lagging behind on the field and in attendance, the emergence of some good young players matched with the relatively cheap price of tickets has combined to rank the Brewers among the league leaders in attendance, finishing 12th overall in 2007 and 9th overall last season.

For a look at the Brewers attendance numbers over the past several years go to

Keeping Pace with the big boys

According to attendance figures on the Brewers rank 10th overall this season in average game attendance. With just nine home games in the books the Brewers have already surpassed 300,000 fans through the turnstiles at Miller Park. These attendance numbers put them on par with such large market franchises as Boston, The New York Mets, and Milwaukee’s bitter rival Chicago Cubs.

A large part of keeping pace with such large market teams is the endless promotions available at Miller Park. According to Bane the Five County deal is among the most successful of all these promotions and it continues to grow every year.

Official attendance for Tuesday’s game was 26,594, below average for overall Brewers game attendance but well above average for a weeknight game in late April.

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