Bucks Get Revenge on Kings

Bucks continue their good play.

By Mark Hentschel


            Coming off with a loss to the Clippers, the Bucks continued their good play and got their revenge on the Sacramento Kings by beating them 114-108 in double overtime. 

            This game featured two players who are up for Rookie of the Year, Brandon Jennings of the Bucks and Tyreke Evans of the Kings.  In this contest, Jennings would have the better game.  Jennings would the Bucks record for most threes in a game by a rookie, with eight.

            Carlos Delfino returned to the Bucks line-up after missing the Clippers game, and his presence was needed to seal a victory against the Kings.

            The Bucks were hoping to avenge the loss they had against the Kings earlier in the season.  The Kings beat them at the Bradley Center with a game winning shot by Tyreke Evans.  This time it was Jennings time to shine.

            The Kings have struggled this year with a record of 23-46, but that didn't stop them from trying to stop the Bucks, who are at 37-30, from getting a better spot in the playoffs.  The Bucks continue to fight for a playoff spot, even though they were not picked in the beginning of the season to go to the playoffs. 

            The presence of shooting guard John Salmons could be felt by the Bucks.  Salmons continued his strong play and put up 27 points.  Luke Ridnour, the Bucks back-up point guard, believes Salmons brings a lot to this team.

            "John has brought in a lot of energy and scoring punch," said Ridnour. "He came in  and did what he does and that is score.  He's done really good job at that and really fit in with us."      

            The Bucks not only needed strong games from their starters, but needed strong play from their bench, especially Ersan Ilyasova, to get the victory.


            The Kings scored first with a jump shot by Spencer Hawes.  The Bucks' big man Andrew Bogut tried to respond with a basket,  but missed it in the paint.  This led Beno Udrih, of the Sacramento Kings, to score with a jumper.

            The Kings' strategy to stop Andrew Bogut  was to double team him.  Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, of the Bucks, provided stellar defense and blocked Tyreke Evans.  Mbah a Moute thinks that the Bucks must get into the playoffs.

            "In the position we are in, it would be definetely be a failure if we don't make the playoffs," said Mbah a Moute.  "If we blow it with the spot were in right now, then it would be a failure."

            Even though he is a center, Hawes, was hitting three point shots.  Jennings responded with three pointers of his own.  It was Salmons' task to stop Evans, the Kings best player.

            Hawes' aggressive defense got him in early foul trouble.  Salmons was hot in the first quarter.  The Kings had no answer to stopping Salmons.

            Bogut was drawing fouls in the paint, but he struggled from the free-throw line.  Stackhouse was useful off the bench.  He provided an assist to Ridnour, who hit a three.  The Bucks led 29-21.  Salmons had the most points with 11. 


            Jason Thompson, of the Kings, hit the first two points of the quarter.  Ime Udoka, of the Kings, added a three pointer.  The Kings were creating points from the Bucks' turnovers.

            The Kings started the quarter with a 11-0 run.  The Bucks needed to call an early timeout to stop the run.  The Bucks couldn't seem to score with the Kings playing zone. 

            Ersan Ilyasova, of the Bucks, was able to end the run by making free throws.  Ilysasova says there are certain things that must be done in order to get victories.

            "I concentrate and do things we do best," said Ilyasova. "That is play hard and play defense."

            After the time-out, the Kings  started to turn the ball over.  Evans was successful and ]

 getting to the hoop and drawing fouls.  The Bucks still responded with a 12-3 run.         

            Jennings was hot from the three-point line. He ended up hitting five in the first half.  The Kings had to have Evans guard Jennings.    The score was 49-48, with the Bucks with the lead.  Jennings had 22 points and Evans had only nine.


            Bogut returned to the game in the third quarter.  The Kings' Carl Landry had the first two points of the second half.  The Bucks continued to go to Bogut, but Bogut ended up injuring himself.  He had hard time getting up and down the floor.

            Carlos Delfino, of the Bucks, hit the first two points for the Bucks.  Udrih was hot in the 3rd quarter.  The Kings took the early lead.

            Jennings would hit his sixth three pointer of the game.  The Bucks were not getting many charge calls called for them.  Bogut continued to struggle from the free throw line.  The Kings took the lead 73-66.


            Salmons had the first two points of the quarter.  The Bucks were struggling to get second chance points.  The Bucks kept passing to Bogut, but instead of shooting, Bogut was mostly passing.

            Jennings returned in the middle of the quarter.  Jennings ended up hitting his seventh three pointer of the game with an assist from Bogut.  Evans was doing his best to guard Jennings. 

            Bucks were not able to go inside but had to shoot from the perimeter.  Hawes was hitting his jump shots.  Jennings again hit another three pointer, for his eighth of the game.

            Udrih hit a crucial three to put up the Kings up by seven with three minutes left.  The crowd erupted with boos after they thought Jennings traveled.  Instead Salmons would hit a three pointer. 

            Bucks were down by four  with 24 seconds to go, and Salmons  hit another three to cut it down to one.  Evans had to be taken out of the game, due to an injury to his face.

            Udrih hit two free throws to put the Kings up by three.  On the last play for the Bucks, Ilysasova hit a miracle shot to tie the game at 95.


            The first overtime started with two fouls called on the Bucks in the first 30 seconds.  Salmons had the first points of overtime.  Landry responded with a basket. 

            Ilyasova was able to cause a turnover which led Jennings to hit a layup.  Landry would foul out of the game.  Jennings missed the last shot to win the game.


            Bogut had the first two points of this overtime.  Delfino hit a big three to put the Bucks up by five.  Evans would not return to the game. 

            The Bucks would continue to have blocking fouls called on them.  The Bucks used the pick and roll to open up shots for the players.  Ilyasova secured the victory with two free throws.

            Jennings was the leading scorer of the Bucks with 35.  For the Kings, Udrih was the leading scorer with 26.  Evans would have 15 points. 

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