Opening Day Becomes Skip Day

Many students miss class for Brewers

[Image] Opening Day Becomes Skip Day

By Claire Chartrand

It has become a tradition for many University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) students to skip out on class for Opening Day at Miller Park. It no longer comes as a surprise to walk into a classroom as the Brewers kick off their season and only be surrounded by a handful of classmates. 

While many students are missing classes to be at Opening Day, some students are fortunate enough to not have class on Mondays. UWM graduate student, Chris Pilon, is one of the lucky ones.

Though he did not have to choose between school and the game, he understands why other students make the decision to skip class for the day. Pilon says that it is ultimately their decision, “I think it’s their choice, personally, they’re paying the money, so if they want to skip, they can skip.”

By skipping class, students risk missing valuable notes and material. With finals just around the corner, it’s a risky move, but some students planned ahead.

UWM senior, Katie Povic, asked her friends to fill her in on what she missed. “I’m doing well in [my classes], so I decided one day off is cool and I talked to my friends already about getting notes,” says Povic. 

For another UWM student, not going to the game never crossed his mind. Senior Trevor Adler was more surprised that students wouldn’t skip class. Adler says, “Of course I’m skipping class for opening day, why wouldn’t you?” 

Even students who take no particular interest in the Brewers, or baseball, even, opted out of class for a day with their friends. Senior Mark Macheri says that opening day is a good excuse to grill out, enjoy a few beers, and hang out with his friends. Though it comes as no surprise, this is not a new tradition.

UWM alums, Trevor Coeli and Dan Brandt have not missed an opening day in 10 years. “You know, I was never a big guy to skip out on class,” Brandt says with a wink, “but yeah, of course I’d come to opening day.” 

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