Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Negotiation–Curriculum

UWM Schedule of Classes

Required Courses

Comm 665   Introduction to Mediation, Syllabus (pdf 103kb)
Econ 753 Collective Bargaining

Elective Courses (Choose One)

Comm 865 Theory and Practice of Mediation, Syllabus (pdf 98kb)
Comm 675 International Mediation, Syllabus (pdf 41kb)
IndRel 715 Alternative Dispute Resolution
BusAdm 737   Managerial Decisions and Negotiations

Field Work (3 credit hours) *Placement/topic must be approved

Comm 998 Internship
Comm 999 Independent Study
IndRel 801 Research Seminar
IndRel 921 Internship
IndRel 999 Independent Study
BusAdm 799   Research