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Biomedical and Health Informatics is a growing field that combines medical science and information technology. It has applications in electronic medical records,  access to knowledge-based information and digital libraries, digital imaging systems, telemedicine, clinical decision support, health policy and decision making. Professional expertise in medical informatics is needed by hospitals and other healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical software companies, public health organizations, insurance companies and academia, providing students with many possible career choices.  The program aims to prepare future leaders in the use of information systems to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, research, and education.

A unique feature of this program is its interdisciplinary approach. The program curriculum includes course work in human pathophysiology, medical informatics, databases and medical ethics. In addition, students select from one of six possible tracks:

Courses, academic advisors, and steering committee members  for the program are drawn from the following academic units at UWM as well as the Medical College of Wisconsin:


The program is open to both full-time students and part-time students who work in health care organizations and industry. To apply for admission, you must submit an application to the UWM Graduate School, which has complete instructions and an application available on-line at UWM Graduate School. In addition to the graduate school requirements, prospective students should have completed a master's degree in Biomedical and Health Informatics or a related area such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Health Sciences, Business Administration, Nursing, or an MD degree. Applicants should also submit at least two letters of recommendation that attest to academic or professional qualifications, a brief statement that identifies the preferred track, and scores from either the GRE (general), GMAT, or MCAT taken within the past 5 years.

Applications will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

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Email: medinfphd@uwm.edu
Telephone: (414) 229-4677