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Core Courses

The core courses provide a comprehensive structure for the foundations needed for all students in Biomedical and Health Informatics irrespective of their special interests. This includes a series of seminars that deal with different aspects of Biomedical and Health Informatics.

All students must take the following core courses or must have taken equivalent courses in previous study. Students should plan on taking the core courses before other courses, as students must pass a qualifying exam covering these courses before acquiring 24 credits in the program at UWM.

Required Core Courses / 13 to 15 credits

BMS (HS) 701 Human Pathophysiology or
HCA XXX Physiology & Disease Informatics
3 credits
COMPSCI 870 Medical Informatics Seminar (Four 1-credit seminars) 4 credits
COMPSCI 557 Introduction to Database Systems or
BUS ADM 749 Advanced Data and Information Management
3 credits
HCA700 Introduction to Health Care Informatics or
MCW 13200 (A/B) Medical Informatics
2 credits
HCA 722 Legal, Ethical and Social Issues in Health Care Informatics or
MCW 12202 Medical Ethics (1 credit) or
MCW 10222 Ethics and Integrity in Science (1credit)
3 credits