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Health Information Systems Track

33 credits of course work and 12 credits of dissertation

Required Track Courses / 21 credits

BUS ADM 744 Information Technology Strategy and Management 3 credits
BUS ADM 747 Service-Oriented Analysis and Design 3 credits
BUS ADM 817 Infrastructure for Information Systems or
COMPSCI 759 Data Security
3 credits
COMPSCI 720 Computational Models of Decision Making 2 credits
HCA 721 Health Information Technology Procurement 3 credits
HCA 723 Health Care Systems Applications – Administrative and Clinical 3 credits
HCA 760 Biomedical and Health Care Terminology and Ontology 3 credits

Research Methods/3 credits from the following list

IND ENG 716 Engineering Statistical Analysis 3 credits
BUS ADM 714 Multivariate Techniques in Management Research 3 credits
BUS ADM 918 Doctoral Seminar in Behavioral Research Methods 3 credits
BUS ADM 991 MIS Doctoral Seminar II (Subtitled) 3 credits
NURS 882 Qualitative Approaches to Nursing Research 3 credits
NURS 883 Quantitative Approaches to Nursing Research 3 credits

Elective Track Courses / 9 credits from the following list (with approval of advisor and steering committee)

BUS ADM755: Health Care Administration 3 credits
BUS ADM756: Health Care Delivery Systems 3 credits
BUS ADM757: Managed Care and Integrated Health Networks 3 credits
BUS ADM812: Emerging Information Technologies 2 credits
BUS ADM998: Doctoral Seminar in Management Information Systems 3 credits
COMPSCI458: Computer Architecture 3 credits
COMPSCI459: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics 3 credits
COMPSCI469: Introduction to Computer Security 3 credits
COMPSCI520: Computer Networks 3 credits
COMPSCI747: Human Computer Interaction 3 credits
COMPSCI760: Computer Systems Performance Evaluation 3 credits
L&I SCI635: Digital Libraries 3 credits
L&I SCI637: Information Storage and Retrieval 3 credits
L&I SCI817: Information Sources and Services in the Health Sciences 3 credits
OCCTHPY760: Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology 3 credits


Dissertation / 12 credits (Use course from program of major advisor)

 BUSADM 997 or
COMPSCI 998 or
ELECENG 998 or
HCA 890 or
L&I SCI 998 or
NURS 997 or
PH 990
(variable credits)


Please see the Health Information Systems Area of Concentration.