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Knowledge Based System Track

33 credits of course work and 12 credits of dissertation

Required Track Courses / 12 credits

COMPSCI 535 Algorithm Design and Analysis 3 credits
COMPSCI 710 Artificial Intelligence or
HCA 742 Computational Intelligence in Health Informatics
3 credits
BUSADM 741 Web Mining and Analytics or
COMPSCI 425 Introduction to Data Mining or
EE/COMPSCI 711 Pattern Recognition
3 credits
COMPSCI 743 Intelligent User Interfaces or
COMPSCI 747 Human-Computer Interaction
3 credits

Required Mathematics & Quantitative Methods / 6 credits

Statistics (3 credits from the following list)

BUS ADM 795 Seminar in Management: Multivariate Techniques in Management Research 3 credits
BUS ADM 995 Doctoral Seminar in Decision Sciences 3 credits
ED PSY 624 Educational Statistical Methods I 3 credits
Ind Eng/OccThpy/Nurs 786: Applied Biostatistics in Ergonomics 3 credits
MTHSTAT 761 Mathematical Statistics 3 credits

Probability  (3 credits from the following list)

ECON 413 Statistics for Economists 3 credits
MATH 771 Theory of Probability 3 credits

Elective Track Courses / 15 credits with approval of advisor and steering committee

Computing and Applications (12-15 credits)

BUS ADM: 741 Decision Support Systems and Groupware 3 credits
BUS ADM: 746 Data Warehousing 3 credits
BUS ADM: 814 Intelligent Systems for Business 3 credits
BUS ADM: 995 Doctoral Seminar in Decision Sciences 3 credits
BUS ADM: 998 Doctoral Seminar in Management Information Systems 3 credits
COMPSCI458: Computer Architecture 3 credits
COMPSCI459: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics 3 credits
COMPSCI469: Introduction to Computer Security 3 credits
COMPSCI520: Computer Networks 3 credits
COMPSCI720: Computational Models of Decision Making 3 credits
COMPSCI722: Artificial Intelligence Planning Techniques 3 credits
COMPSCI723: Natural Language Processing 3 credits
COMPSCI711/ELECENG711: Pattern Recognition 3 credits
COMPSCI747: Human-Computer Interaction 3 credits
COMPSCI757: Database Organization and File Structure 3 credits
COMPSCI780: Multimedia Systems 3 credits
COMPSCI810: Knowledge Representation 3 credits
COMPSCI999: Advanced Independent Study 3 credits
ED PSY631: Cognition Learning, Problem Solving and Thinking 3 credits
ED PSY633: Applications of Learning Theories to Computer-Based Instruction 3 credits
L&I SCI635: Digital Libraries 3 credits
L&I SCI637: Information Storage and Retrieval 3 credits
MTHSTAT861: Decision Theory I 3 credits
MTHSTAT862: Decision Theory II 3 credits


Quantitative Analysis (Up to 6 credits from the following list)

BUS ADM 918: Doctoral Seminar in Behavioral Research Techniques 3 credits
BUS ADM 995: Topics: Doctoral Seminar in Decision Sciences 3 credits
ED PSY724: Educational Statistical Methods II 3 credits
ED PSY823: Structural Equation Modeling 3 credits
ED PSY824: Advanced Experimental Design and Analysis 3 credits
ED PSY825: Multivariate Analysis 3 credits
ED PSY826: Analysis of Cross-Classified Data 3 credits
ED PSY829: Methods of Scale Construction and Multidimensional Scaling 3 credits
MTHSTAT762: Mathematical Statistics II 3 credits


Dissertation / 12 credits (Use course from program or major advisor)

BUSADM 997 or
COMPSCI 998 or
ELECENG 998 or
HCA 890 or
L&I SCI 998 or
NURS 997 or
PH 990
(variable credits)


Please see the Knowledge Based System Area of Concentration.