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Medical Imaging and Instrumentation Track

33 credits of course work & 12 credits of dissertation

Required Track Courses / 18 credits

ELECENG436: Introduction to Medical Instrumentation 3 credits
ELECENG711/COMPSCI711: Pattern Recognition Statistical, Neural and Fuzzy Approaches 3 credits
ELECENG712/COMPSCI712: Image Processing 3 credits
Advanced Medical Instrumentation 3 credits
ELECENG437 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging 3 credits
ELECENG890/COMPSCI790: Special Topics in Medical Signal Processing and Imaging 3 credits


Elective Track Courses / 15 credits

ELECENG410: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing 3 credits
ELECENG420: Random Signals and Systems 3 credits
ELECENG701: Advanced Linear System Analysis 3 credits
ELECENG713/COMPSCI713: Computer Vision 3 credits
ELECENG718: Advanced Nonlinear Systems Analysis 3 credits
ELECENG741: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves 3 credits
ELECENG742: Electromagnetic Wave Theory 3 credits
ELECENG765: Optical Information Processing and Holography 3 credits
ELECENG810: Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3 credits
ELECENG890/COMPSCI790: Special Topics in Medical Instrumentation 3 credits
COMPSCI520: Computer Networks 3 credits
COMPSCI720: Computational Models of Decision Making 3 credits
COMPSCI730: Advanced Computer Networks 3 credits
COMPSCI747: Human-Computer Interaction 3 credits
COMPSCI757: Database Organization and File Structure 3 credits
COMPSCI759: Data Security 3 credits
COMPSCI767: Relational Databases 3 credits
COMPSCI780: Multimedia Systems 3 credits
COMPSCI810: Knowledge Representation 3 credits
ELECENG710/COMPSCI 710: Artificial Intelligence 3 credits
COMPSCI755: Information and Coding Theory 3 credits


Dissertation / 12 credits

ELECENG998: Doctoral Thesis (variable credits)


Please see the Medical Imaging and Instrumentation Area of Concentration.