The Melvin Lurie Memorial Prize

The Melvin Lurie Memorial Prize was created in 1988 to honor students or recent alumni for outstanding academic performance. The prize includes a certificate, inclusion on the Melvin Lurie Memorial Prize Plaque (in Bolton 842), and $1,250 from the Melvin Lurie Memorial fund. The student/alum is honored at the annual Lurie Ceremony held in late September. The prize is limited to one student or recent alum per year.

Prize winners are selected by the Lurie Committee at UWM, a committee composed of faculty associated with the MHRLR program and a member of the Lurie family. Nominations are sought in May of each year, and the committee determines the prize winner at its annual meeting in July.

Recipients to date include:2008 Student Prize Winner and Dean of College of Letters and Science

  • Samuel Hoffman, 2013
  • Daniel Hereth, 2012
  • Margo Meverden, 2011
  • Margaret Vollmer, 2010
  • Amy Pamperin, 2009
  • Lindsey Tauber, 2008
  • Jessika Gibson, 2007
  • Christopher R. Morris, 2006
  • Marcy M. Fisher, 2005
  • Sara A. Coffman, 2004
  • Linda L. Daley and Anne M. Wilson, 2003
  • Deborah K. Wallendal, 2002
  • Terrance P. LaCasse, 2001
  • Susan M. Kulinski, 2000
  • Kristen E. Gaarder, 1999
  • Ann H. Hendrix, 1998
  • James R. Carlson, 1997
  • Amy M. Krymkowski, 1996
  • Barbara R. Follmann, 1995
  • Roger Reinke, 1994
  • Mark K. Rosenbaum, 1993
  • Kimberly C. Whiteside, 1992
  • Thomas J. Buyarski, 1991
  • Samuel A. Froiland, 1990
  • Jacquelyn Peterson, 1989
  • Gregory Leifer, 1988

We are very proud of all the Memorial Prize winners, and look forward to many more.