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"Community Design Solutions represents a unique opportunity to bring together the best minds from the University and the surrounding neighborhoods to focus on their collective insight on the physical issues that affect our everyday life."

- Robert Greenstreet, Director of CDS,  Dean, UWM School of Architecture & Urban Planning and City of Milwaukee  Planner


03/02/07 Kinnickinnic Bike Trail: Results of Charrette
  Aging in Community Ideas Competition

Susan Weistrop, Administrative Program Manager
Alison Kopyt,  Quick Response Team Manager
Adam Flickinger, Quick Response Team Project Assistant
Faculty Advisers: Michael Greenwald, Ray Isaacs, Mark Keane, Brian Schermer
School of Architecture & Urban Planning
2131 E. Hartford Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: 414/229-6165
FAX: 414/229-6976
e-mail: susatrop@uwm.edu
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