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The Consortium for Economic Opportunity focuses on six primary activities that include:

  • Providing technical assistance to economic development intermediaries (community- and faith-based organizations, government agencies, foundations, unions, and related non-profits);
  • Conducting applied research on various aspects of economic development;
  • Serving as a "one-stop" resource on university research and initiatives in the area of economic development;
  • Enhancing capacity of intermediary organizations through the expansion of educational opportunities, programs, and workshops at UWM;
  • Enriching the educational experience of UWM students by further integrating "real-world" urban issues and field work into the curriculum; and
  • Providing support services to promote small business development and expansion.

The Consortium also provides a range of technical assistance, outreach and research services to the greater Milwaukee community including:

  • A Small Business Development Center that provides counseling assistance to entrepreneurs and existing businesses, and offers programs and workshops for small business owners;

  • A Center for Economic Development that delivers technical assistance to non-profits and conducts applied research on local and regional economic development policy;

  • A program of workshops and seminars for community practitioners to learn the latest techniques and policy issues in economic development;

  • An economic development specialists' degree within the Master of Science in Urban Studies program;

  • Graduate Fellowships for students pursing work on topics related to economic opportunity; and

  • Post-graduate fellowships for work with Greater Milwaukee businesses and community-based organizations


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