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The Consortium for Economic Opportunity is dedicated to building partnerships with non-profit organizations and small businesses to extend the benefits of economic growth to all of metropolitan Milwaukee, particularly the city's low and moderate income neighborhoods. The Consortium focuses on increasing family supporting jobs and employment generating business through a variety of efforts including:

  • the services and resources provided by the Small Business Development Center,
  • and the applied policy research and technical assistance work of the Center for Economic Development.

The aim of the Consortium is to enrich the educational experiences for UWM students and faculty by integrating real-world urban issues into the curriculum.

In the News

New! UW System 2006 Women of Color Award, former CEO assistant director Lucy Holifield one of two honored at UWM.

MIED Fellow Profile: Nicole Wilde, UWM Featured Graduate Student

Reclaiming the Valley, by Laura Hunt. In UWM Today, Vol. 6, No. 3, Fall 2004, pp. 10-14. (pdf 142k)

UWMCED in the News

Recent Reports

Exploring the Perceptions of Bias and Discrimination
       Executive Summary (pdf - 225k)

Ozaukee County Location Quotient Analysis
       Executive Summary
       Full Report (pdf - 73k)

After the Boom: Joblessness in Milwaukee Since 2000
       Executive Summary (html)
       Full Report (pdf - 76k)

"Stealth Depression:" Joblessness in the City of Milwaukee Since 1990
       Executive Summary (html)
       Full Report (pdf - 208k)

The Economic State of Milwaukee's Inner City: 1970-2000
       Executive Summary (html)
       Full Report (pdf - 184k)

Unfair Sanctions: Does W-2 Punish People of Color?
       Executive Summary (pdf - 77k)
       Full Report (pdf - 107k)

The Economic Impact of Child Care in Milwaukee County
       Executive Summary (pdf - 24k)
       Full Report (pdf - 161k )

Research Update

Metropolitan Polarization in an Era of Affluence: Income Trends in Metropolitan Milwaukee Since 1990
During the 1990s, the income gap between city and suburb widened markedly in metropolitan Milwaukee. As the great boom of the 1990s came to an end, a decade of suburban sprawl and growing inequality had resulted in a highly polarized distribution of the benefits of prosperity in the metropolitan area, leaving the city further behind its increasingly prosperous suburbs.

Cracks in the Glass Ceiling? Diversity and Management in Metro Milwaukee's Private Industry in the 1990s
During the 1990s, the gender and racial composition of management at metro Milwaukee's largest private-sector employers became much more diverse. Despite the impressive gains among women and minorities in new jobs created as 'officials and managers,' Milwaukee remained in 1999 near the bottom of U.S. metropolitan areas in proportion of these under represented groups holding managerial jobs in large companies.

Minority Business Ownership in Metropolitan Milwaukee in the 1990s
After years of bleak news on minority economic development in Milwaukee, the latest data on minority business ownership in the region offer some grounds for optimism.

Small Business Development Initiative

New Hispanic Entrepreneurial Center launched by the CEO's Small Business Development Center.

Entreprenerial Training Program
Learn how to develop a 'winning' business plan through the Entrepreneurial Training Program. This course, designed to help entrepreneurs gain business skills and attract financing, provides a comprehensive array of activities including individual coaching and business plan development. The goal is to have each participant complete a business plan by the end of the 11-week program.

What's New

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee is seeking candidates for a Director of Research and Advocacy position. This position is part of a new Institute for Racial Justice that is being created as part of Interfaith Conference. Job Announcement (25K pdf)

The Nonprofit Portal of Greater Milwaukee offers timely, easy-to-access on-line resources for Milwaukee-area nonprofits. Visit the Nonprofit Portal, the on-line grapevine for Milwaukee area nonprofits, at


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