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Welfare Reform: The Impact on Low-Income Families
National and Local Perspectives

In June 2001, the Economic Policy Institute released a report that documents the extent to which families face economic hardships as they move from welfare to work. When Work Just Isn't Enough: Measuring hardships faced by families after moving from welfare to work, (June, 2001).

"Many families that have left welfare rolls to join the workforce experience hardships even when they are successful in finding work. This means that millions of working families that once relied on welfare still often find themselves without enough food, sufficient access to health or child care, or affordable, decent housing."

The full report is available online at

Closer to Home...
Due to be released in December 2001, a study conducted jointly by the Institute for Wisconsin's Future, Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, and the CEO's Center for Economic Development, will examine the impact of welfare reform on low-income families in Milwaukee County. Passing the Buck: Welfare Reform and Community Organizations in Milwaukee, (forthcoming).

"Five years after the welfare replacement program was introduced, new research shows that communities are now taking on more of the work of supporting and serving low-income families, The government has 'passed the buck."

Findings from the upcoming study, according to the authors, show a decrease in the number of families seeking assistance from government-sponsored programs (welfare, medical assistance, food stamps, etc.) while demand on community-based resources such as shelters, food pantries and emergency rooms is increasing.

Look for this study and other studies on welfare reform on the CEO website at

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Entrepreneurial Training Program

Learn how to develop a 'winning' business plan through the Entrepreneurial Training Program. The course, designed to help entrepreneurs gain business skills and attract financing, provides a comprehensive array of activities including individual coaching and business plan development. The goal is to have each participant complete a business plan by the end of the 11-week program. Program highlights include:
• Orientation
• Components of a business plan
• Marketing
• Promotion
• Legal issues
• Human resources
• Finance
• Accounting

• One-on-one coaching and review of your business plan
• Computer access so you can create and edit your plan
• Technical assistance to help qualify your plan for financing

For more registration information, point your browser to the CEO website at or call: 227-3240 for more details

(This program is presented in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and the UWM School of Business Administration/Minority Entrepreneurship Program.)

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