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CEO Faculty Fellows

The CEO's Faculty Fellowship review committee is pleased to announce the 2001-2002 Faculty Fellowship recipients. The committee received a number of impressive research proposals from faculty across the UWM campus. Professors Robert J. Eger, Political Science and Christopher De Sousa, Geography were selected as this year's recipients.

Professor Eger's research will focus on the impact of tax incremental financing (TIF) programs to promote economic development in the Greater Milwaukee area. The aim of Professor's Eger's research is to "provide measurements of the employment effects (number of jobs created or retained within the TIF districts and wage rates of new hires), the estimated effect on the other tax jurisdictions, and the business physical capital investment response to TIF." Professor Eger's research will provide a comprehensive look at the business effect on economic development through the use of tax incremental financing.

Professor De Sousa's research will examine and compare the environmental, social, and economic cost and benefits to the public from redeveloping brownfields versus developing greenfields for both industrial and residential uses. The findings of the research will help "shed light on the true costs and benefits involved in development and redevelopment projects, helping policy makers better assess the feasibility of brownfield redevelopment vis-à-vis greenfield development."

Look for an in-depth discussion of their research initiatives in the next issue of the CEO report.

For information on next year's CEO's Faculty Fellowship and Minigrant funding opportunities, please visit our website at

Looking for Information on Community Economic Development Strategies?

UIC's Center for Urban Economic Development produces a manual that provides detailed descriptions of specific economic development strategies used by community organizations throughout the country. In addition to strategy descriptions, the manual provides resource and contact information to help implement these programs in your community. Ordering information is available online at:

For additional online economic development resources and publications, click on the "links" section of the CEO website at:

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Staff Directory

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