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The nonprofit-focused graduate courses offered in the Master of Science in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management include coverage of such major topics as:

Theory and Practice of Management and Leadership in Nonprofit Sector Organizations

This course explores the scope, dimensions and roles of nonprofit organizations. It highlights the history and theories of philanthropy, voluntarism and the nonprofit sector, as well as the roles and functions of nonprofit managers and leaders.

Nonprofit Governance and Executive Leadership

Students in this course learn the history, role and function of nonprofit governance and executive leadership. It covers the principal models used in governing nonprofit organizations and responsibilities of nonprofit board members.

Ethics and Values

This course explores the values embodied in philanthropy and voluntary action, highlighting the principles of ethics as applied in nonprofit organizations. It covers codes of ethical conduct and standards of performance used in nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Law

Students in this class learn legal frameworks under which nonprofit organizations operate. It includes the rights and obligations of nonprofit directors, trustees, officers and members. It also explores legal and tax implications of charitable giving, advocacy, lobbying, and the political and commercial activities of nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Advocacy and Public Policy

This course explores the roles of nonprofit organizations and voluntary action in the public policy process. It highlights key policies that affect the nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizations and philanthropic behavior. It also discusses advocacy strategies and techniques used by nonprofit organizations in shaping public policy including: research, public education, lobbying and litigation.

Nonprofit Finance

Students in this class learn the theory and practice of nonprofit finance, including strategies used to generate revenues from all three of the major sources of funds available to nonprofit organizations: philanthropic gifts and grants, government funding and earned income.

Nonprofit Accounting and Financial Management

This course explores accounting principles as applied in nonprofit organizations. It provides an overview of nonprofit financial statements, financial planning, budgeting, management of cash flow and endowment management.

Nonprofit Human Resources Management

Students in this class learn strategies and practices for managing paid employees and volunteers at nonprofit organizations. It includes recruitment and selection; workforce diversity; motivation; compensation and benefits; and training and development.

Nonprofit Marketing, Communications, and Information Technology

This class teaches marketing communications and information technology principles and techniques used in nonprofit organizations.

Decision Making Methods in Nonprofit Organizations

Students in this class learn quantitative and qualitative methods used in decision making in nonprofit organizations. It includes concepts and applications of statistics and other analytical tools.

Strategic Management and Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

This course explores theories and applications of leadership, organization behavior and management in nonprofit organizations. It includes strategic thinking, and other planning organization processes and techniques, to focus and integrate the work of the organization.