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Mesut Akdere
Associate Professor, Administrative Leadership

Fredrik O. Andersson
Assistant Professor, Public and Nonprofit Administration

John Bohte
Associate Professor, Political Science

Jacqueline Boynton
Associate Lecturer, Nonprofit Law

Grace Chikoto
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Marcus E. Ethridge
Professor and Chair, Political Science

Sarah J. Freeman
Associate Professor, Organizations and Strategic Management

Andrew Holman
Lecturer, Nonprofit Accounting

Douglas M. Ihrke
Professor, Political Science

Mordecai Lee
Professor, Governmental Affairs

Larry G. Martin
Professor, Administrative Leadership

Daniel Neely
Assistant Professor, Accounting

Deborah L. Padgett
Associate Professor and Chair, Social Work

Jason Parry
Lecturer, Fundraising

Laura A. Peracchio
Professor, Marketing

Belle Rose Ragins
Professor, Organizations and Strategic Management

Romila Singh
Associate Professor, Organizations and Strategic Management

John Palmer Smith
Senior Lecturer