Improving the leadership and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations through education, research, and service.
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Sample Course Schedule

Nonprofit-focused graduate courses offered include the following:

M NONPROF 958 4:30-7:10pm Andersson Seminar in Nonprofit Administration: The Nonprofit Economy
M NONPROF 921 4:30-7:10pm Schultz Nonprofit Administrative Internship
T NONPROF 765 4:30-7:10pm Schultz International Nongovernmental Organizations
T NONPROF 793 7:00-9:40pm Boynton Law of Nonprofit Organizations
T BUSMGMT 718 7:00-9:40pm Palmer Smith Concepts and Practice of Nonprofit Management
W NONPROF 795 4:30-7:10pm Schultz Introducation to Nonprofit Revenue Streams and Portfolios
W BUSMGMT 730 7:00-9:40pm Palmer Smith Strategic Management & Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations
R NONPROF 792 5-7:40pm Bohte Decision-Making for Nonprofit and Public Organizations
R BUSMGMT 724 5:30-8:10pm Neely/ Holman Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations

Online NONPROF 770   Schulz Leveraging Technology in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors

M NONPROF 750 4:30-7:10pm Andersson Social Entrepreneurship in the Nonprofit Sector
T BUSMGMT 721 5:30-8:10pm Parry Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations
W NONPROF 791 4:30-7:10pm Schultz Nonprofit Advocacy and Public Policy
W NONPROF 740 7-9:40pm Andersson Executive Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations
R NONPROF 725 5:30-8:10pm Ihrke Governance of Nonprofit Organizations

T & R NONPROF 705 5:30-8:50pm Ihrke Professionals and Volunteers in the Nonprofit Sector

For additional information, including course descriptions, prerequisites, times and locations, go to the Schedule of Classes. Please refer to the UWM Schedule of Classes for each term before registering to confirm which classes are offered.