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Archived Events

October 14, 2015 - Colloquia

Determinants of School Failure in the Milwaukee Voucher Program

Presenters: Michael Ford, Assistant Professor, UW-Oshkosh, Fredrik O. Andersson, Assistant Professor, Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management, UW-Milwaukee

November 5, 2015 - Colloquia
Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsors: An Overview of a Vital Yet Unacknowledged Nonprofit Industry
Presenter: Dan Neely, Associate Professor, UW-Milwaukee

October 2010
10/21Forum on the Nonprofit Sector: Involving Volunteers: Making the Investment, Reaping the Returns (Jeffrey L Brudney) [View the slides] [Listen to the podcast]

June 2010
6/10 Forum on the Nonprofit Sector: Nonprofits and Property Tax Exemption

March 2010
3/12 Forum on the Nonprofit Sector: Nonprofits and Government Funding: Opportunities, Challenges, Trends and Trade-Offs (Steven Rathgeb Smith) [View the slides] [Listen to the podcast]

February 2010
2/3 Forum on the Nonprofit Sector: Giving USA: A Tool for Nonprofit Resource Development (Melissa Brown) [Listen to the podcast]

December 2009
12/10 Forum on the Nonprofit Sector:
Fee Income and Pricing for Nonprofits: Expanding the Financial Base for Mission Achievement (Dennis Young)
[View the slides] [Listen to the podcast]

October 2009

10/8 Joint Program with Marquette University Law School: The Role of the Wisconsin Attorney General in Charity Oversight
[Listen to the podcast] [Read the article]

March 2009

3/31Forum on the Nonprofit Sector: Collaboration and Barter: Benefits and Challenges for Nonprofits (Renee Irvin)
[Watch the video]

December 2008

12/4 Forum on the Nonprofit Sector: Beyond the Bottom Line: Understanding and Promoting Nonprofit Financial Sustainability (Woods Bowman)