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At the heart of The Milwaukee Idea are several innovative initiatives developed in partnership with the community to take on challenges in education, health, the environment and economic development.

Age and Community
Greatly expands research and scholarship on aging and links with community professionals to improve the lives of seniors in metro Milwaukee. MORE INFO...

Community Design Solutions
Brings new vitality to the metropolitan landscape through partnerships with municipalities, nonprofits and neighborhood business associations. MORE INFO...
Community Design Solutions site

Consortium for Economic Opportunity
Provides technical assistance, education and support services to spur small business growth and improve economic conditions in metro Milwaukee. MORE INFO...
Consortium for Economic Opportunity site

Cultures and Communities
Offers learning for the 21st century with a new set of foundation courses that blends community-based experience with traditional academics. MORE INFO...
Cultures and Communities site

Broadens knowledge about freshwater preservation through research, new educational programs and community outreach. MORE INFO...

Global Passport Project
Expands opportunities for study abroad, increases foreign student enrollment and provides community programming on international issues. MORE INFO...
Center for International Education site


Healthy Choices
Develops and shares with community partners strategies for good health, particularly in the area of substance abuse. MORE INFO...
Center for Addiction and Behavioral Health Research site

Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management
Strengthens the community's nonprofit sector with programs that promote effective management and leadership. MORE INFO...
Helen Bader Institute site

Institute of Environmental Health
Addresses such major threats to environmental health as air and water pollution through expanded research, education and community partnerships. MORE INFO...

Showcases UWM's research achievements and its links to community partners. MORE INFO...
Partnerships and Innovation site

Milwaukee Industrial Innovation Center
Fosters creation of new technology with commercial potential and links university expertise to the technology needs of Wisconsin companies.

Partnerships for Education
A community-wide effort to revitalize our urban schools by preparing more students for college, enhancing teacher training and integrating technology into teacher education programs. MORE INFO...

Urban Health Partnerships
Brings together professionals, community residents and policy makers to enhance health and the quality of life in urban communities. MORE INFO...

Women's Health Research
Advances research and expands partnerships in the study of women's health and increases educational opportunities in the field. MORE INFO...


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