A Powerful Force for change (pdf)
An overview of The Milwaukee Idea.

2005 Report to the Community (pdf)
2004 Report to the Community (pdf)
2003 Report to the Community (pdf)
2002 Report to the Community (pdf)
Annual recap of The Milwaukee Idea initiatives and accomplishments.

Milwaukee Idea Bulletin

The Milwaukee Idea Bulletin(all links are pdf files)
Winter 2003

Spring 2003/Annual Report
Fall 2002
Spring 2002
September 2001
April 2001
January 2001
November 2000
August 2000
May 2000
February 2000

Corporate Council Endorsements Corporate Council Endorsements
Endorsements of the budget request by UWM's Council of Corporate Sponsors. Published Spring, 2000.
To Change a University, Start with the Community
An article for Universities and Community Schools published by the Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania. Published Spring, 2000.
The Engaged University: A Bibliography
Lists several references on university-community collaboration, partnership building, service learning and engaged scholarship.
Revitalizing Milwaukee (pdf)
Offers a look at local programs that bring the university and the community together to build strong inner city neighborhoods.


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