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The Quick Wins Program at UWM Has Successfully Completed Its Work!
Created as part of the Milwaukee Idea in 1999, the Quick Wins Program at UWM was created as a means to obtain ideas for small, low-cost innovations that would improve campus life. Over the past decade, the program has received hundreds of ideas to improve learning and life quality on campus. Many of the ideas that were submitted have since been implemented. Thanks to all who have contributed to the success of Quick Wins! Special thanks to Professor Rene Gratz who so effectively chaired the Quick Wins Committee and all of the individuals on campus who served on the Committee over the past 10 years.

While Quick Wins will cease operation as of June 2009, we encourage individuals on campus faculty, academic staff, classified staff, and students who have ideas for positive change at UWM to submit those ideas to the appropriate administrative or academic units on campus. Let the spirit of Quick Wins live on!

Students sit at an umbrella table in Spaights Plaza; the tables were placed there as a result of a Quick Wins entry.

This page was last updated June 12, 2009.