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AMSLC Rules and Responsibilities

In order to ensure a positive experience for all AMSLC participants, we request that you adhere to the following rules and responsibilities:
  1. Any violation of alcohol or drug laws will result in immediate removal from the conference and the violator will be liable for any expenses for hotel accommodation and/or transportation costs thereafter.

  2. Any damages incurred on campus or at the Holiday Inn are the financial responsibilities of each individual conference participant.

  3. Loud noises or parties in the Holiday Inn are not allowed. There are other guests on the same floor of the hotel so that noises made by the AMSLC participants must be kept to a minimum while staying at the hotel, or when leaving or returning to the hotel. Please be respectful of other hotel guests.

  4. AMSLC participants must attend all conference activities. They must not wander off on personal ventures.

  5. Only registered guests are allowed in the Holiday Inn and only registered AMSLC participants are allowed in any of the conference activities.

  6. The UWM Union closes at midnight and students/staff may not reenter the building after that time.

  7. Hotel parking and services must be paid by credit cards or cash deposits in advance.

  8. Dances:
    • There will be no wearing of hats, no smoking, no alcohol, and no weapons at the dances.

    • All conference participants will be required to wear wristbands at the dances.

    • Students are not allowed to leave the dance area after 12 midnight, unless they are leaving to go back to the hotel.

    • Conference participants will respect the UWM Campus and surrounding neighborhood when exiting the building.
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